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Ways to Style and Wear a Denim Jacket

 Wearing a Denim Jacket
 Versatile Denim Jacket Styles for Women 

Every woman needs a denim jacket in their closet. Denim jackets come to shine with their versatility and comfort. Dress on up for a night out, dress down your denim jacket for a casual look, and use it as a cute fashionable layer when there’s a chill in the air. Putting together a wardrobe that is versatile, functional, and easily coordinated will save you time and frustration; and every wardrobe should include a multi look denim jacket. 

 Dressing UP Your Denim Jacket

 Denim Jacket Dressed Up - Wearing a denim jacket for a dressed up evening out,  glammed out cocktails, or even a business meeting can be the perfect fit. Try pairing your jacket with a maxi dress, black slacks, or even a colorful romper. Choose a contrasting color against the denim blue wash of your jacket to help both pieces make their own statement. 

 Denim Jacket Accessories - Matching your dressed up look with complimentary sandals, heels, and of course dress boots like the Ariat Dixons will help complete the look. Don’t forget to accessorize your look with turquoise jewelry, and maybe a small clutch or purse. 

 Denim Jacket on Denim Jeans

 Wearing Denim on Denim - Wearing denim on denim may seem like a big fashion mistake, and it can go horribly wrong, but with a few simple rules you can put together a super cute look pairing your denim jacket with other denim jeans, skirt, or shorts. 

When you’re pairing a denim jacket with denim jeans of the same indigo color, a color break, and even a pattern or print interruption will allow you to pull off the look. Wearing a longer sweater, or tee of a contrasting color that falls below the bottom of your denim jacket will break up the all indigo look. Mixing in a contrasting block print, plaid, or floral design along with the color contrast on that same top can help you put together a fantastic denim on denim look.

Mixing in colored denim bottoms is an easy way to complete a gorgeous denim on denim look that is simple and adorable. Try pairing your indigo denim jacket over a colored sweater or tee and white denim shorts or jeans for a fun and fashionable look.  

 Wearing a Denim Jacket Just as a Jacket

 Denim Jackets for Work & Play - An amazing part of your denim jackets versatility in your wardrobe is its durability and function. It’s okay to wear your jean jacket just as a jacket. Pull it on to help take off an evening chill, wrap up in your jacket around a campfire, or wear your jacket to an outdoor ballgame to block the wind. Perfect for raking leaves in autumn, layering in the winter, or springtime walks outdoors; a denim jacket is both functional and fashionable.

 Layer Your Denim Jacket - Adding layers for warmth and fashion is a wonderful way to mix form and function with your jacket. Denim loves plaid and flannel and so does fall, winter, and spring. When your outfit calls for an extra layer of warm up, look to making your jacket the third or even fourth fashionable layer. Start with a solid cami, turtle neck, or T shirt; layer a complimenting flannel plaid or fuzzy fleece, and finish the look with your jacket. Rolling your plaid sleeve cuffs over your jacket at the wrist is a super cute touch to add a pop of color and pattern. 

 Multiple Jean Jackets for Multiple Looks  

 Put a Couple Denim Jackets in your Closet - Denim jackets are incredibly multi-faceted and functional, providing so many classic and adorable looks, but sometimes a square peg just won’t fit a round hole. 

Having a couple different styles of denim jackets in your closet can really up your game when it comes to this classic look. A fleece, or blanket lined denim jacket can be a great way to rock the denim jacket look if you live in an area where frigid temperatures are the norm. A colored denim jacket like black or white wash can offer a whole new twist on classic pairings.

 The Classic Denim Jacket

From cowgirls chores to business meetings, a denim jacket can fit so many fashion needs and works to compliment a variety of looks. Your denim jacket will take you from the ranch to a night on the town and back again.